Our Mission

Muzzle Free = Restriction Free, Censorship Free & Pro-Freedom, PERIOD. 

When you END the Labels, You’ll END Divide & Rule, We are all Humans so STOP acting like a Fool!

The mission of Muzzle Free Zone is simple; First to realize and understand the true power behind “We The People” and second, to “Wake Up & Smell the Agenda”. The Agenda refers to the corruption and lies of pretty much “Main-Stream” anything. We believe in the true meaning of “freedom” and that all people, regardless of where they are from or their beliefs, have God given, inalienable rights. All we’d love to see is for people to have the ability to critically think, with unbiased reporting of the facts to make an educated and informed decision. When “We The People” realize our power, we can begin to take control of our own lives, be responsible for living our lives, as we see fit. This is NOT simply an American issue, this is truly a Human issue for everyone on this planet. 

  • Critically think
  • Challenge the narrative
  • Take control of your own life (Responsibility)
  • Take action by demanding more of your elected officials and representatives
  • Education (Never stop learning)
  • Take care of yourself (Don’t burn out and take care of your own household and healthcare)

Always remember to stand for what you believe in.

We’ve got a ton of stuff planned like podcasts, blogs, events and of course MERCH!
We truly appreciate all of your support!

Thank you and God Bless,

CEO & Founder
Muzzle Free Zone

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